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My room at Saint Mary’s College of California! Enjoy (:
Music: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar & Lucenzo
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This is my dorm room for sophomore year spring semester. I hope you can get some ideas for your own room!

Hey guys! So here is just a semi-quick tour of my dorm room last year! I absolutely loved decorating it and making it my own so I hope this helps some of you with organizational/ decoration ideas for your own dorm or bedroom.

i am an RA (resident assistant) at FSU! this is my room…it is a single with my own bathroom! :) leave a comment if you have any questions…ENJOY! :D

* I had to reupload this, the original video was uploaded March 2010. Hey Guys! This is my highly request Dorm Room Tour! If you want to know where I purchased anything or have any questions just comment and I’ll let you know! :) ______ ———- Twitter: www.twitter.com Blog: www.collegeglamoration.blogspot.com Facebook www.facebook.com Formspring: www.formspring.me Other Channel: www.youtube.com ———– My College Videos Playlist: www.youtube.com My Beauty, Haul, Fashion etc. Playlist: www.youtube.com Thanks so much for watching! Leave any questions and comments below! ______ Also one of the first room tours I ever watched a long time ago was Blair (juicystar07)’s room tour and I got a lot of ideas from in for my room back home, so here’s her room tour video: www.youtube.com (that’s the newest one, she has an old one as well)

Here’s a mini tour of our apartment with some tips on how to decorate and organize! enjoy!

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