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In this multi-part series, I show you the basics to dorm room decorating and give you some advice and tips on “how to make your dorm room NOT look like a dorm room.” I’ll cover picking a theme and color scheme and then challenge you to re-conceptualize your dorm room’s floor plan and furniture layout. I also have a brief introduction of myself and my channel as well as a room tour of my former dorm room. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Watch out for parts 2 and 3 coming soon!

Interior Design ideas for Dorm room design and bedroom design ideas by San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you behind the scenes on the journey to designing a one of a kind bedroom for her College age daughter Sharrah. Experience the shopping trips and listen to her explain step by step, her thought process as she designs the room centered around a $14.00 shower curtain… You will come away inspired and encouraged to begin looking around your own home…. Imagine the possibilities!

Make your dorm room stand out from the crowd. Better TV shows you how.

A Special Dorm Room decorating edition of Makeover Mondays addresses the second most requested video… Dorm Room Decorating ideas! Back to school is coming quick Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson creates a 3D room design plan for all the girls who are moving into Dorm Rooms this fall. In this mock up room, Rebecca creates both an entertainment/hang-out area, 2 luxury bed chambers and 2 desk/study lounges for for the most hip girls on campus! Take these great ideas and incorporate them in YOUR dorm room! You can even pick up helpful ideas and tips on things you can do in your own bedroom!

New Virtual Dorm Room decorating ideas video for 2012. Dorm room decorating and organization ideas take a tour of Sharrah’s room, her dorm room decorated by her Interior Designer mom. Rebecca Robeson, creator of Makeover Mondays. By San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson Behind the scenes Trade Secrets. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson designs a fabulous bedroom/Dorm room makeover for her college age daughter Sharrah. Watch the project unfold as Rebecca takes you behind the scenes of this “one of a kind” YouTube Interior Design Video where reveals all of the steps along the way to create a custom bedroom design just for YOU!  Music: Party Club by Josquin des Pres

Here’s a mini tour of our apartment with some tips on how to decorate and organize! enjoy!

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