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i am an RA (resident assistant) at FSU! this is my room…it is a single with my own bathroom! :) leave a comment if you have any questions…ENJOY! :D

this is what my college life is like

Hot young coeds across the nation are heading are breaking out their webcams and showing off their newly decorated dorm rooms. Break out the bong and get ready for some classic rock posters.

Directed by: Daniel Zhao Co-produced by: Ivan Tsang Location provided by: Martin Chen (Shout out to USC’s CASA!) Written/performed by: David and Andrew Fung Mastered by: Kevin Lien —LYRICS— Met my roommate, he seems cool Two cool dudes…in the same room For the whole year we’re gonna kick it Wait – when can I choke my chicken? No privacy, the irony I came to college for my liberty But i’m not free to beat my meat Cuz my roomies here playin COD Wanking in my dorm room Wankin in my dorm room I guess I’m kinda scared Cuz another dude lives here Wanking in my dorm room Wankin in my dorm room This must be what prison is like Nice. I got back early, skipped lab Freshmen year, I don’t need that class I got a 10 minute date, with Firefox Pop up blocker, Cookies turned off My class got out before I thought it would some private time to stroke my wood My roommate should still be in chem lab Whaaat? I guess he’s already back? Wankin in my dorm room Wankin in my dorm room And another guy is here Is that kinda weird? Wankin in my dorm room Wankin in my dorm room And another guy is here Would that be kinda weird Damn I swear my roommate never leaves I guess I’ll hit the showers to find relief You got the soap and loofa for your back? don’t forget anything and have to come back No lotion, but I got conditioner Got it covered, expert practitioner I still got Jen’s image in my brain…

Back-to-School: What’s In My School Bag and College Essentials, Back-to-School Dorm Room Storage and Must Haves, Back-to-School Clothing Haul, Back-to-School College Bedding and Bath Supplies, Back-to-School Locker Storage and School Supplies, Back-to-School Picture Day Tips and First Day of School Outfit Ideas, Dorm Room Tour – No products were sent to me and this video is not sponsored.

Expand for more organization videos and room tours 1. Command Hooks 2. Over/Behind the door storage 3. Closet shelves and hangers 4. Baskets and glass vases 5. Plastic drawers, bins, and containers 6. Under-the-bed containers 7. Simple furniture Organization Video Playlist ❥ Related Videos Room Makeover: Wall Art Room Makeover: Bedding & Curtains Room Makeover: Unpacking & Organizing Decorating Tips: Curtains Organize & Display Jewelry Hanging Accessories Hanging Scarves Updated Makeup Collection ❥ Room Tours Updated Room Tour 2011 Previous Room Tour 2010 Apartment Tour Room and Vanity Tour Dorm Tour Pt. 1 Dorm Tour Pt. 2 Room (Home) Tour My Official Sites: ♡ Beauty Blog: ‪‬ ♡ Follow me on Facebook ♡ Personal/Vlog Channel: ♡ Follow me on Twitter: ♡ Join me on Beautylish: _________________________________________________________ ♡Shop Online; Great companies, even better deals: High Quality, Affordable Makeup Brushes & Accessories Get a free gift with $30 purchase Sigma Beauty: For Everything Hair Related, Go to the Experts! Flat Iron Experts: PinkyParadise Korea Circle Lens Store Use code “nikkithebrat” to receive free cute

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